You Can’t Go To Sleep Tonight Without Building This 1 Antenna First!

*Short update at bottom of page OK, now that we have the poorly written Buzzfeed headline out of the way, here are the results of my first Vivaldi antenna build. I only tested it for a few minutes indoors and out, and the initial results have me pretty excited to experiment some more. I was able […]

Vivaldi Antenna Cutouts or Transfers for SDR

I've been watching folks discuss RFSPACE's Vivaldi antenna's on Twitter a lot over the past few weeks and became interested in witnessing the performance of this type of antenna for myself, but I can never catch them with any in stock. So I decided to make a few of my own to use with my […]

PCB Toner Transfer Files for BPF and FM Notch Filter

Made these and thought I'd share. Just in case someone else needed it. I made these for use with the RTLSDR but they could be used in a QRP scenario or QRO if you use appropriately sized components. Both boards are designed for use with SMA edge connectors, but you could run mini coax to […]

SOLD – For Sale or Trade Palomar 300a 40m-20m-15m-10m 450 watt amplifier

This amp has been sold. Thanks for looking!     Palomar 300a 40m-20m-15m-10m 450 watt amplifier. Great for use with QRP rig (817, flex 1500, other low drive radios) or a normal 100w rig. Has High and low settings. For QRP rig select Hi Pwr setting and 2 drivers are activated allowing the amplifier to […]

SDR HACK Part II – The Mod – Receive up to 4.5GHz on your RTLSDR for $5.00

In Part 1 I showed that a cheap satellite upconverter can be used as a microwave downconverter with some mods. In this post I'll show you the modifications needed, step-by-step tutorial style, and make lame jokes. After more experimentation and burned fingers today I've found a more efficient way to do the mod that provides a much stronger signal at the output […]

SDR HACK – Receive up to 4.5GHz on your RTLSDR for $5.00

Update: Click here for the mod tutorial – SDR HACK Part II – The Mod – Receive up to 4.5GHz on your RTLSDR for $5.00  Who needs to spend hundreds on a fancy HackRF, BladeRF, or USRP to listen in on the microwave bands? Not me, or you either, now! In this video I demonstrate using a […]

ICOM R7000 For Sale

SOLD – Icom IC R-7000 Receiver + IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer

This item has sold and shipped. (12-31-2015) For sale is an Icom IC R-7000 Receiver, IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer, HF Upconverter, and Pan Adapter. Coverage is  25MHz to 999MHz and 1025MHz-1999MHz. (plus DC to 25MHz with included upconverter!) This receiver also has the Icom IC-EX-310 Voice Synthesizer installed and working well. This radio is in very […]

RFI: CCTV Power Supply Causing 9dB Plus Noise

We recently added another set of surveillance cameras and DVR to expand the coverage around the property. After we set the system up we decided to expand it a little more and added 4 more cameras to it. At this point we needed a more powerful power supply that would connect to these 8 cameras […]

Wiring the Chinese ADF4351 35MHz – 4.4GHz Sig Gen and Cypress USB Dev Boards

A few months back I was looking at options to expand the range of the RTL-SDR upwards. I needed a somewhat stable and tunable UHF/SHF signal source to use as a LO to mix with. A redditor suggested using the ADF4351 development board as a ready to go signal generator. The ADF4351 (PDF), an Analog […]

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